Friday Fictioneers

danny-bowman photo curtsey of Danny Bowman

“What the hell is that?” Barnaby pointed at the odd antiquity.

“You said we had to contact The Coordinator.”

Barnaby stared at the historian he’d shuttled through Time.

“You’ll need fifty cents, Barn.” The historian stuffed his hands into his pockets, retrieving two quarters stolen from the Twentieth-Century museum display.

Barnaby slapped his hand away, flinging the quarters in all directions. “What the hell is a matter with you? Are you saying there’s no way to communicate back home?”

Donning a Boston Orioles baseball cap the historian said, “I’d suggest trying to blend in. We could be here a long time.”


3 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Endless
    Puts me in mind of Star Trek when Kirk and Spock went through time to 20th century earth. Spock had to hide his pointy ears under a stocking cap. Well done story.

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