Know Thy Self

When it comes to writing I think it’s important to know what you like to write about and stick to it.

I’ve been thinking about starting a new book and even went through the process of “plotting” out everything once I got an idea. I was excited at first. This book was going to fall under the standard “fiction” heading and take place at a college bookstore, much like the one I used to work at. I swear I saw some amazing things while I was there and I vowed it would make a great book one day, but as I got into it I quickly lost interest.

I tried for several days to reignite my interest, but in my frustration I sat down and just starting typing whatever came into my head. What I came up with was a new fantasy novel set in the future involving androids, a green human and a heroine whose ancestors are solely responsible for the eventual destruction of mankind.

I’m totally psyched about this book and as I’m writing I see a few similarities with my original space based novel, though now I have the knowledge to skip a few of the mistakes.

All this brings me back to my original thought, know thy self AND don’t be afraid to abandon an idea if it doesn’t work. I’ve kept the outline for my college bookstore idea, but for now it’s going to sit abandoned in a file on my computer’s desktop.

Rejoice in what you are, even if it’s a little odd and run with those ideas that really get you dancing. 🙂



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