Writing Prompt

Hey everyone, I have recently enjoyed a performance by the Richmond Symphony. I find myself often inspired to write by listening to music and this song has been running through my mind since I heard it. For fun, if anyone’s interested, I propose writing a little 100 word short and pasting it in the comment section below this post. Either way, give it a listen, the piece is called: Les Beautes du Diable, and it’s a tango.


One thought on “Writing Prompt

  1. *Alrighty, in playing my own game, here’s my short inspired by the music.

    He was not what she expected. Twirling around the dance floor in white tails and gloves, but that didn’t change what he was or what he could do.

    Revlon smiled. “I’m not afraid of you.”

    He grinned back. “Why should you be? I have yet to harm you.”

    “You mean to kill all these people.” Their eyes met, he dipped her.

    “Will you stop me?”

    “How can a single girl stop the devil himself?” Her skirts rustled around quick moving feet.

    “I am nothing so romantic, I promise you. But I will kill these people, as soon as the music stops.”

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