Re-writes Equals More Questions …

I have recently taken my first novel back to the drawing board. Though at first the idea was a little daunting–it’s never easy to rewrite 93,000 words–I’m glad to announce that the first draft is complete.

I’m writing about this because I know there are a lot of people out there who screw up their first baby. If you’ve read my mission statement, you know that hiring a professional editor was the turning point for me.

But my new creation still raises a few questions: who is the true protagonist/antagonist? Am I crossing over genres that don’t mesh well? I’m going to try and talk through these, in the hopes of clearing my own mind.

1. Who is the protagonist/antagonist? A large part of my story revolves around a romantic relationship. I decided in my rewrite to focus on the man’s perspective, with the intention of making him the protagonist. But I find my female character to be the one continually put at odds by the man’s presence. Since the antagonist is the one who stands in the way of the protagonist’s success, does this make the man–my focus of the story–the antagonist? And is it normal for the antagonist to be the focus? I’m really not sure.

I know what you’re thinking, that I’ve obviously focused on the wrong character, but the entire second half of my book focuses on the man’s struggles. The female becomes a supporting character and is not nearly as important. So … can characters switch roles–like tagging into a wrestling match? I hope so.

2. Am I crossing over genres that don’t mesh? After a lot of soul searching, I believe my book falls under the genre of paranormal romance. That being said, I feel as though it also crosses into new age, science fiction and possibly fantasy. In my mind, romance and science fiction are at opposite ends of the library. That is why I am a little concerned about the two walking hand-in-hand.

But, I think the genre confusion is proof that there’s more depth this go around–which makes me happy, happy, happy. 🙂

Well, I’m not sure I worked a whole lot out, except that I don’t mind the genre confusion quite so much. I’m looking forward to getting feedback and edits after the new year. My goal is to have a final draft by late 2014, so that I can attend the James River Writer’s Conference in Sept/Oct.



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