Pitch Wars Mentee Bio


http://dcmorin.blogspot.com/2013/12/pitchwars-mentee-contender-bio-blog-hop.html <here’s a link back to the PitchWars Mentee Contender Bio Blog Hop!

November 30th I learned about Pitch Wars, on December 2nd I decided to throw my hat in the ring. So you mentoring folk want to know about me, here we go.

I’m a late twenty-something with a 14 month old daughter. I spend my days chasing her in circles, swatting the cat off her food tray and trying to negotiate how much food will end up on the floor at every meal. I grew up in the country and no matter how polished I try to act my drinking habits and hair will always give me away. In case you haven’t been to Virginia in summer time, no amount of hair spray will control the friz that you will get in mid August.

My writing is inspired by the classics–they’re so prettily worded and elegant that I wish I was Elizabeth Bennett pretty often–80’s anything, my overactive imagination and my beliefs that all people harbor characteristics both good and evil. I also like to dapple in religious exploration, I’m probably one of the only southern folks who didn’t grow up in a church, so I like to let my characters explore what I have a hard time believing.

I’ve been writing for three years and have come a long way, though I still have a lot to learn. My recent submission is the culmination of all my efforts and all my loves. I want to convey to my chosen mentors that I am dedicated to my writing. I am often up till midnight working on things or researching the trade. I can take hard feedback, so don’t be shy if I need a good slap in the face–I want to learn and I want to succeed.

I hope to be working with one of you over the next several weeks!

Image My daughter 🙂

Image Me!


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