Writing Tools I Use


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This is my first post in the Blog Hop. So, here’s my shout out to the first week’s prompt: Writing Goals.

My writing goals for 2014 are to finish the two novels that I am working on. Polish them up and get them ready to pitch at a writing conference in September/October. I write science fiction and fantasy stories full of romance, epic battles and royalty.

Writing Tools that I Use:

When I’m writing, there are a few different websites and blogs that I reference for writing advice, standards and trends. They are:

http://jetreidliterary.blogspot.com/ < Though Janet Reid doesn’t cover my genre, her knowledge of the market and the trending do’s and don’t’s of the industry are spot on. She’s also bluntly honest and eager to help writers.

http://americaneditingservices.blogspot.com/ < Laura gave me some invaluable feedback last year. I have followed her blog ever since. She hasn’t posted much recently, but has posted on editing pitfalls and grammar aids in the past.

I also use QueryTracker.com and AgentQueryConnect.com for feedback on my personal writing. I find QT a little more personable, but both sites are good. They both post on feedback, contests and advice and are good sources of support.

I have also found that stalking agents and other writers on Twitter to be extremely educational. They repost articles all the time that I would have otherwise missed (including this totally awesome blog hop). My handle is: @VedBrown

These are my key resources, along with a few good friends who are willing to read and give feedback in the flesh.


13 thoughts on “Writing Tools I Use

    1. both sites focus on aiding writers in polishing up their query letters for submission to agents. both sites also offer lists of available agents along with information on what they are looking for. they’re really good sites. querytracker also has forums for chapter, synopsis and other types of writing for feedback. 🙂

    1. you’ll be surprised what you can pick on using twitter. i’ve learned of several new websites in just the past day or two. i love that twitter also recommends things based on what i’m already following. and stalking isn’t quite so creepy now that you can do it from the comfort of your home 🙂

  1. Some great suggestions – thank you! One question: are you intentionally trying to keep your blog anonymous? As a reader, I find it incredibly difficult to connect with a blogger when I don’t at least have their first name, and potential publishers will want to see that you are using this blog to get your name out there which is a bit tricky when it doesn’t actually have your name on it. Thanks for sharing though, and best wishes on reaching your goals for the year!

    1. when i started this blog, i did want to remain anonymous, mostly because i didn’t know what i was doing or how diligent and interested i would remain in the whole blogging process. i figured if i sucked at it, there wouldn’t be a draw back, because no agents or publishers would know it was me.

      but i’ve really enjoyed it, and i’ve learned a lot of things from other bloggers. so it’s probably about time i personalize the blog a bit more. to be honest i hadn’t even thought about the fact that there was almost zero personal info on here. thanks for the reminder.

      i hope those links prove useful. 🙂

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