The Benefits of Twitter

It’s been a long time since I actually posted anything about my writing experiences, so I’m taking a moment now to express my recent foray into the land of Twitter.

I have read on several agent’s blogs/websites that setting up a digital profile is a great way for writers to potentially get in touch with the agents they are interested in. As part of this I decided to set a Twitter account (my handle is @VedBrown, by the way). The first thing I did was immediately look up the agents that I want to learn from, stalk and otherwise get to know. It sounds creepy, but it’s not.

Anywho, once you start “following” people, Twitter begins to suggest others for you. Through this process I’ve learned of many websites that I didn’t previously know about. Also, since I acknowledged the fact that I’m a fledgling writer, I was immediately contacted by numerous editors looking for business. I think this is great! Of course I’m being careful. I don’t plan on giving out any sensitive information until thoroughly researching these people, but still, these are all avenues which were previously closed to me.

Now that I’ve been doing this a few weeks I’m starting to get the hang of things. I’m following more and more people in the writing industry, and have my own following of a whopping 17 people.

I’ve decided to include a few websites that I’ve found that I think are especially cool:

I hope these are as interesting to you all as they have been for me 🙂

Happy Writings!



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