Character Sketch: Jasmine Piper

Post three in the Blog Hop hosted by Ruth Snyder ( calls for a character sketch of the hero, in my case heroine, of my science fiction novel, Rogue Affection. So without further ado, please enjoy this brief introduction to an awesome chick.

Jasmine Piper:

Age: 24

Height: 5’8″

Weight: not on your life

Occupation: soldier of the Earth Protection Core

After disobeying orders and getting her commanding officer killed, all Jasmine wants is a second chance. She’s riddled with guilt and suffers from horrifying night terrors. These cause her to act out in ways she doesn’t like, but also gives her the drive to be a better person.

She grew up in Virginia and carries on the family legacy of extra pale skin. She has Kelly green eyes and hair the color of fire. She has no siblings, but her feisty great grandmother lives in the downstairs bedroom. Her father died in a car accident when she was in her teens. Her only major gripe, besides the fact that she was never allowed to have a dog, is that her mother remarried.

One of her charms is that she is very unbiased. Jasmine sees things for what they are and makes decisions based on her gut, not preconceived notions about how things should be. This not only makes her a pal to the aliens on her space station who are subject to a great deal of prejudice, but unfortunately makes her the target of homegrown bullying.

Jasmine is patient, kind and above all, forgiving–though maybe not quite so towards herself. She loves coffee and the color yellow, adventure, battle and being in the arms of her alien lover. Her insecurities include the frizzy and unmanageable mass that is her hair and the fear that she may never succeed in rebuilding her reputation.

A literal character sketch (I do these to help see my characters in certain moods; so that I can better grasp how to describe their features and understand what they are physically capable of.)




18 thoughts on “Character Sketch: Jasmine Piper

  1. Brilliant – absolutely love the sketches! Your character sounds wonderfully strong, wild, appealing and believably flawed, she’s someone I’d very much like to meet (and kind of feel like I have).

  2. I love the detail with which you’ve created Jasmine. Interesting to read (in the paragraph above the sketch): “Jasmine is patient, kind and above all, forgiving…” and then see her with that (angry?) grimace on her face. It’s a reminder that characters are multi-faceted, and you have rounded yours out in that way.

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