This is the last week for Ruth Snyder’s blog hop and we’re posting about our current projects. Please click here to see other submissions to this week’s prompt: A special thanks to Ruth for hosting this very fun and empowering blog hop. I’ve learned a lot of things and made some new friends!

Alright, on with the post. I have two novels in progress right now.

The first one is a romantic science fiction novel entitled Rogue Affection. Below are a few character sketches of Jasmine and Blades, the main protagonists. I’ve posted other character sketches of Jasmine before, click the link to see them:

jasmine sketch b&w blades sketch b&w 3 may2011blades sketch b&w front

The tease:

After causing the death of her commanding officer, Jasmine hopes that deployment to a unit in space will give her a chance to redeem herself. Instead, she becomes the source of station-wide gossip and contention when she starts dating Blades, an alien. Nicknamed for his knife throwing skills, she doesn’t mind his orange skin, audaciously bright clothes or severe secrecy. He’s kind, to her and that’s all that matters. But she dreads thinking about the future because soldiers aren’t allowed to keep significant others. To make things more difficult, she’s fighting off the unwanted advances of soldier, Jason Axley.

Jasmine’s involvement in the alien social scene has made her far more accessible than any other human. Even though the aliens don’t agree with the cross-species relationship, they realize she is their only hope at stopping Jason’s gang from further tormenting their kind. Though surprised, she can’t ignore their pleas, especially when his prime target is her own alien beau. But the confrontation turns violent. Jasmine and Jason end up in the hospital, while Blades is arrested and shipped to Earth.

Jasmine wants to help him, but when Blades’ criminal record becomes known, she learns that he is the cause of decade’s worth of animosity between mankind and everyone else. No one likes him, not even the other aliens.

Everyone would be better off with him behind bars, everyone but her.



My second work in progress is a fantasy novel entitled Soulless. Below I’ve included some character sketches. I’m loving these guys. To the left is Mammon, Prince of Greed, and to the right are Catherine and Cameron Voss, fraternal twins whose lives–and deaths–take them in wildly different directions.

Mammon sketch bw cat cam sketch

The tease:
The End of Days is coming and with it, the post war between Mammon and his brothers.

The seven princes of hell have long tolerated each other’s peculiarities, but the lines are clearly drawn: Mammon and Asmodeus on one side, Lucifer and Satan on the other. The rest are sheep and will go where they’re told.

As he searches for demon hosts, Mammon comes across Catherine, a human with an unusually powerful soul and whoโ€”under further studyโ€”is also a witch. An irritatingly long time later he procures her soul, accidentally losing his heart in the process. While attempting to woo Catherine, Mammon helps her control her powers, which will be unleashed on his enemies.

But when her dead brother starts killing off devils before The End of Days even begins, Mammon finds his allies gone and Catherine missing. But he doesn’t have time to react because Heaven’s angels descend. They can’t find the secret lair, and given his cooperation, Mammon will be given Hell, so long as his remaining brother is killed.

Mammon leads Heaven’s Force below, where a massive demon army awaits. Avoiding the throngs of battle, Mammon seeks out Satan, but when he confronts him, there’s a new demon at his side. Catherine. And she’s bound to Satan in life โ€ฆ and death.


11 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Your stories sound amazing. So well thought out. Plus, I love the character sketches. I’m sure it helps you to know exactly what they look like as you write them.

    1. thanks and yes, i love character sketches. sometimes while i’m writing i’ll look at them and it feels like they’re sitting their with me saying “i’d totally do this…” thanks for commenting!

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