Bunny Induced Hysteria

Today, my husband and I took our daughter to see the Easter Bunny for the first time. As soon as she saw him, she tried to cut the line. When I informed my one-and-a-half-year-old that she must wait her turn, I was met with all out hysteria. My daughter started screaming and trying to twist out of my grasp. When that didn’t work she flung herself on the floor, face down, wailing and turning all red–mind you this is in her very nice Easter dress–I looked at my husband, who shrugged.

This went on for several minutes while I consoled my daughter and promised that her turn would come. When it finally did, she ran up to the Easter Bunny, arms raised, tears running down her cheeks. She snuggled into his lap, smiled for the camera and refused to move after the picture was taken.

When I told her it was time to leave she waved goodbye to the Easter Bunny, gave him two hugs and thought that would appease me. When It didn’t and I picked her up, the crying and screaming and flailing resumed. We were the loudest people in Bass Pro.

This continued as we walked all the way through the store, across the parking lot and the drive home.

On the upside, we did get a very nice picture. Easter Bunny



4 thoughts on “Bunny Induced Hysteria

  1. That’s too funny! Usually it’s the opposite way. =) And what an adorable dress and shoes, she’s so cute!

  2. How cute!

    I’ve never had a problem with my kids at that kind of thing, but our local mall Santa made the mistake of thinking he could just go home after we’d spent an hour in line. Long story short, I taught them a valuable lesson about closing their line before Santa decides to pack it in, everyone who’d been waiting in line got to see Santa that night, and I’m not allowed with 100 feet of that particular Santa anymore. 🙂

    1. good for you. they shouldn’t abuse people that way anyway. jerks!

      i wish the easter bunny had interacted with my daughter more, like santa does when he asks kids what they want. she just got to sit on his lap for about 10 seconds. 😛

      but my daughter loves animals and stuffed animals, so there was probably no way we were getting out of there without hysterics. 🙂

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