Spring Cleaning … Starting Anew

Well, I’ve decided to change the purpose of my blog. Traditionally, I’ve focused on writing (experience, goals, advice etc.), but I’m going to expand my blog to cover whatever the heck I want it to.

So, look forward to posts about my daughter, my dog, hectic homey lifestyle, books I’ve read, Shark Week, why bees scare the death out of me, my art and anything else that enters my mind.

I’ll do my best to post once per week or more, if I feel especially inspired.

Thanks to all my followers and I look forward to any new folks who dare to jump on board.


photos: left: me, hubby and daughter on the night of my 10 year high school reunion, middle: taking my daughter to the state fair, bottom: back in college, some photos of mine that were on display at a gallery.


4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning … Starting Anew

  1. Good for you! I always think a spectrum of posts keep things fresh and interesting. Plus, I’m nosey, so I like getting to see details of other people’s lives. =)

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