Writing About Writing

It’s so hard for me to write about writing. This stems from a general misunderstanding of almost everything. Let me explain. As a youth I realized that I don’t understand some things, whether it be math, how people act socially or being a manager.

As sort of a survival tactic, I’ve taught myself to emulate what’s expected of me in certain situations. I can memorize math problems and ace a test, but don’t ask me two days later what it was about. Another example would be when I was promoted to Human Resources and Finance Manager at a bookstore. This made me chuckle, because I had no idea how to do the job. Even after months of practice, I decided that what I needed to do was just mimick what was expected: counting the day’s deposit and balancing the safe. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t until almost two years later that I really understood the in’s and out’s of what the heck I was doing.

This all brings me back to writing. I originally started this blog as a way for me to express what I’ve learned through my writing experiences, but the truth is, putting this data into written language is so hard for me. I can tell that my writing has improved in terms of cohesion and grammar, depth and readability, but telling you why would be almost impossible. I think it comes from reading article after article on the issues of writing. Almost every day I’m like “duh, I should have written about that”. Whenever I’m lucky enough to smash my finger into an idea, it goes on this blog.

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few articles that really helped me nail down ideas and make them more tangible.




This is not a full representation of the number of articles I’ve read, but they’re certainly a few of the good ones.

I usually copy articles directly to my twitter account for future reference, so instead of pasting endless websites here, scroll through my twitter page and see what’s up. 🙂 my thread is on the sidebar.


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