Scotch Straight: a 100 word short

i recently joined another writing site called writer’s carnival. they host weekly writing prompts, so i’m pasting my entry on my blog too, just for fun. the prompt was to write a 100 word scene from the opposite gender. the goal was to use context clues and dialogue to get the person’s gender across without coming out and saying directly which it is. So without further ado:


“Scotch straight.”

“Sure thing.” The bartender grabbed a thick green bottle from the racks.

“Here again?” A waitress leaned against the bar, a low-cut blouse revealing a lacy black bra and glimpse of soft white flesh.

“Well, can’t beat the Scotch,” he raised his glass, “or the service.”

She smiled; a flirtatious little thing that got his blood going. “I’ll bring you some wings.”

By the end of the night a row of condensation rings lined the bar-top. At 2:15 A.M. the waitress came back. “Alright, I’m ready.”

He took his wife by the hand, “Let’s go home.”


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