To Piss Off A Mocking Bird

So this weekend, a mother mocking bird decided to use our backyard as a nursery. Therefore, nobody could walk anywhere within the .3 acres behind our house without being yapped at and followed. As her little chick didn’t know how to fly, he was perilously close to being squished by my family. In the photo below he was sitting only three feet from our little blow up pool. (We didn’t know he was there until after we’d already set everything up. Luckily he was protected by a small magnolia.)


Now personally, I love animals. I’d never strike out against a defenseless baby, but give me water pistol and I could shoot adult mocking birds all day. If you’ve never had the honor of sharing a home with one, let me tell you that not only are they terribly territorial, but they’re mean. I have two at my house and they sit up in the oak tree in our backyard and take turns poop bombing me. I know they do this on purpose because they fly overhead and yell the whole time I’m outside.

One of my vindictive pleasures is watching them get chased from the yard by either my grackles or blue jays. (In case you’re wondering where I live, it’s Virginia and we have wildlife aplenty.)

It’s Sunday night and this little birdy still hasn’t vacated the premises. He must be close to flying though because he hung out in the Camilla tree outside my kitchen window today. I hope he goes somewhere far away when he grows up. I have more mocking birds than I need.


2 thoughts on “To Piss Off A Mocking Bird

  1. Hi Valerie,
    I never knew mocking birds were so territorial, or mean. I have heard they were loud and obnoxious, however.

    Hope the baby is gone by now, not eaten by a stray cat or snake.


    1. hey joey, sorry i didn’t respond sooner! my whole family’s been sick so getting on my blog has not been happening. however, i think the baby flew off, hopefully to annoy someone else. yes, mocking birds are mean, they even dive-bomb my poor dog (she’s 85 pounds, but doesn’t realize she could take the birds if she wanted.) thanks for commenting!

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