The Importance of Title Selection

I’ve recently realized that what you call your book will have a big influence over who will choose to read it. Duh! Right? However, this has only become obvious to me now that I have 2 books in the works.

I’ve stated before that I’m a member of several different writing sites, and it’s these sites which have helped me hone my skills and get feedback. Now that I’m posting excerpts from 2 different books, I’m seeing a clear difference in the number of responses I get for my speculative fiction novel, Soulless, compared to my sci-fi novel, Rogue Affection.

I think people assume that Rogue Affection is simply a romance with aliens–and it was in the beginning–but I’ve since reworked the plot and added new characters. What this has made me realize is that the title no longer conveys what I want. Now comes the fun–or not so fun–part, picking a new title. I’ve made a list and am currently still deciding.

I’ll post what I’m thinking about:

Rogue Ambition
The People’s King
The One Eyed King

Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “Val, it doesn’t matter what your title is, it’ll probably change if you ever get published”. Well, you’re probably right, but I think nailing down a reasonable title can’t hurt. I don’t want prospective agents to have misguided notions about what the book is about.

*For info concerning my sci-fi novel, I’ve pasted two links to previous posts. (And because I sometimes get confusing responses, no it’s not getting published yet, I’m still hashing out the grammar and smoothing everything out!)

Please comment if you’ve had similar experiences or find one of the above mentioned titles appealing.



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