Blogging Goals For The Rest Of The Year

Computer Garfield Alright, I’m starting to get this blogging thing down and have come up with a couple of goals I’d like to accomplish from now through the end of the year.

1. Post at least once per week, ideally I’ll get in two or three posts. Part of that will be setting up weekly posts: Link-Up Monday and Feline Friday, for example.

2. Reach 100 followers. (I know I don’t have a lot of control over this one, but I figure if I keep putting myself out there I might be able to gain 6 more followers.)

I plan on implementing these ideas starting the week of Oct. 12th. So keep an eye out! Thanks for the support everyone!



4 thoughts on “Blogging Goals For The Rest Of The Year

    1. thanks jacqui! yeah, i’m not looking for millions of followers or anything, i just figured if i’m diligent with content and activity, since i only have a few people to go, it’d be fun to kick off the new year in the triple digits. 🙂

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