Writing Goals and Whatnot for 2015

With this year coming to a close, I’d like to take a moment to post the successes of 2014 and the goals of 2015.

First off, the successes. I was lucky enough to publish two pieces of flash fiction in Reader’s Carnival. I’ve included links below:

Boogie Bastard

Reindeer Games

I also attended my first writer’s conference in October and received not only personal feedback from a panel of judges on my spec fiction WIP Soulless, but met agent Kaylee Davis, who is super nice. I made some new friends there and learned a lot about the industry of writing.

As for this blog, Endless Edits gained a total following of 102 people. That more than doubles the previous year’s stat, so yay! This brings me to my goals next year, not only for this blog, but in my other writing endeavors. As some of you know, I’m expecting my second child in June, so I’d like to get a solid, full-length draft of Soulless completed before then (6 months!!). I’ve been plugging away at this WIP for some time, but a 70,000 word minimum still eludes me.

I have a full length science fiction novel nearly complete, but there’s something wrong with the beginning. As I research inciting incidents, I’m beginning to think that’s where the problem lies. At some point in 2015 I’d like to figure it out.

Finally, realizing that I’ll have a toddler and an infant in tow, I’d like to complete a few pieces of flash fiction/short fiction and submit to magazines. I don’t think I’ll have time to work on any brand new novels next year, but if I can polish up the two I’m working on, then I’ll count that as success.

My goals for Endless Edits are: keep posting Link-Up Mondays–only more frequently–with links to helpful writing articles, post on my writing ah-ha! moments, possibly post bits of flash fiction, and to just stay active in general.

I’m trying to balance both realistic and ambition expectations here.

Thanks everyone who’s followed and commented! I’ve really enjoyed interacting with you all and I hope to do a little more of it in the future.

Happy New Year folks!


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