Things I Learned While Attending My First Writing Conference: Part 1

So, back in October I attended my first writer’s conference. It was amazing! For the first time in my short writing career I got to spend a whole weekend focused on writing with no real-life obligations getting in the way.

What I’d like to do is break down my experience into a series of posts, each focused on one educational aspect of writing/story telling.

First off, I’d like to tell you a smidgen about the James River Writer’s Conference, which took place in Richmond, Virginia, my hometown. Every morning they hosted a small breakfast and quick howdy-do, then we dove right into the various discussion panels. Aside from that there were agent meetings, an awesome luncheon, Pitchpalooza, and First Pages critique.

The discussion panels I enjoyed most were:

Creating Tension/Page Turner Books

Major MS Mistakes that Get You Rejections

Character Motivation

I also sat in on Pitchpalooza, First Pages critique, and Fictional Panel.

So check in every other Wednesday, starting January 21st. I’ll be going over the notes I took during each of these panel discussions, along with my experience with First Pages critique (my submission was selected and reviewed by four agents including: Kaylee Davis, Kimiko Nakamura, Jody Rein, and Alison Weiss).

I look forward to sharing these experiences and hope you’ll swing by to check them out!


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