Let It Go … Your Writing, I Mean

So, for 2015 part of my writing goals consisted of writing short stories and submitting them to magazines. My initial reasons for this were the exposure and publication credits (assuming I had some success), but one of the side benefits I’ve noticed is the relief of letting a project go.

Many online magazines offer monthly publication opportunities. What this means is that you usually get 20 days or so to submit a piece of writing before the submission window closes. I have fallen in love with such a tight timeline. I love being able to write something, get feedback, make changes, submit, then walk away. I think this is in part because before this year I really only focused on trying to write books–which take forever–and with no hard deadline, give me endless opportunities to edit. As proof, I have two books in the works, with no completion of either in the foreseeable future.

Since January I’ve written six short stories: four submitted, two under construction. I’m so excited to announce that two of those stories will be published in March!!

Most of the opportunities I’ve run across come from browsing Twitter under #flashfiction. There, people post about contests they’ve seen and magazines post about upcoming publication opportunities. What’s best about flash fiction is that it mostly runs 100-1500 words! You can bang that out in a day or two and still have plenty of time for revisions. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your writing routine, flash fiction may be just the thing.

In case anyone is interested I’ll post a few links below to some of the magazines and contest opportunities I’ve come across. If you have any contests/opportunities you want to add, please paste them into the comments section. Cheers!

The Opening Line

Writer Advice

Paragraph Planet

Mash Stories

The Molotov Cocktail

Reader’s Carnival


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