The Baby Shower!

This week marks the 31st week of my pregnancy! With only (about) 9 weeks left, I have a lot of organizing to do. As this is my second pregnancy, I started showing way early. By week 6 I could no longer wear normal pants. All the symptoms of pregnancy came on fast and hard this time around, prompting an early baby shower. I was afraid that if I waited till May I would be too fat and tired to get the house ready or put away the gifts my family was sure to bring.

Me and my daughter.

The baby shower was a total success! I didn’t mention this above, but I also planned the shower around my sister-in-law’s visit to Virginia. She’s studying at Berkley in California, so we don’t get to see her very often, and I wanted her to be there. We had amazing food provided by my mother and mother-in-law and the super fun activity of painting bibs and onesies.

Aubrey's Baby Shower March 2015 015Aubrey's Baby Shower March 2015 024

Aubrey's Baby Shower March 2015 034             Aubrey's Baby Shower March 2015 051

My son, who is due June 21st, will be the first boy born to my husband’s family in almost 25 years and the first grandson for my mom and dad. We’re all very excited for his arrival. I was able to get the nursery somewhat put together in time for the party, so everyone went up for a peek.

Aubrey's Baby Shower March 2015 012       Aubrey's Baby Shower March 2015 011

I received a lot of great gifts for Little Aubrey, but I’ll admit that my most favorite are the blanket my mom made and a framed four-leaf clover. (The clover is sort of a long-running thing between me and my sister. During my first pregnancy I had food poisoning and in general, a hard time getting around. She gave me a framed clover for luck. Then, when my hubby and I bought our first house, she gave me another clover to display in the dining room.)

IMG_1108         IMG_1130

I feel very luck to have such great people in my life! And I know Little Aubrey will have a loving ‘village’ to grow up in.

(*Sorry if the photos come out a little wonky. I’m not very good with technology so I just feel grateful that the ones I wanted grouped together are grouped together.)


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