My #Writing Space

Recently, I’ve seen several blogs where people have posted pictures of their writing space, so I was inspired to do the same. My office is located in an enclosed side-porch. It’s not insulated very well and the sun will obliterate you if you try to write around 10 am. I share this room with my hubby’s potted plants and my cat’s box and food station. Nonetheless, I love my little area. It’s quiet and … mine. I can shut the door if I need some privacy and my toddler knows it’s not a play area.

april 2015 val writing space 002This desk houses all my writing creativity, from books about writing techniques and advice to printed copies of my various edited manuscripts. Above my desk there’s a framed copy of my first ever publication, a photo of me, my mom, and my sister, and a cheap gas station picture of a bird (given to me by my hubby).april 2015 val writing space 004I thought about cleaning up the space for my pictures, but to be honest, this is pretty much how it always looks.april 2015 val writing space 003I’m surrounded by little bits of inspiration: from a framed quote by Earnest Hemingway, to photos of my family, personal trinkets (mostly shark related), and even a little muir wood box which houses little slips of folded paper inscribed with my life goals. Everything I see in this area reminds me of what I’m trying to do … which is write. Yes, sometimes I get distracted by bumble bees at the window or my cat, who insists on sitting on my desk while I write, but overall the space works for me. Hold up…

april 2015 val writing spaceThis is Butternut right now. I had to get up to get the camera and she moved to my chair to watch me, but I think you get the point. She’s an involved critter.

So how about your spaces? Do you have something private, or do you work better in public? What sorts of inspiration do you surround yourself with?


2 thoughts on “My #Writing Space

  1. I’m an oddball here, but my writing space is right out in the middle of the house. I can’t work in a quiet, secluded place. First, I was one of eight kids, so the noise and clatter of a big family is second nature to me. Then I went to work at a string of daily newspapers, and a city room is the last place to go for calm and quiet. There was always several loud conversations going on, phones ringing, people pounding at keyboards. After almost 30 years of htat I got a job at a university PR department and was given my own office. I couldn’t work at all. By 1 or 2 in the afternoon I was always falling asleep, even if I left the door open. Just too quiet for me. It was back to the newsroom for me. Now I work from home, but my desk is in the living room, and if no one is home (as still happens during the school year) I usually have to turn on the TV before I can get any work done, either for my editing job, or my work in progress.

    1. i find that i can write in either an extremely busy area, like a cafe or something, or a completely quiet area, like my office. if there is only one person talking on the phone or making noise, i can’t ignore it and often glare in their direction. at least you know what works for you and writing by the noise of a tv doesn’t sound too bad. 🙂

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