Publication Opportunities for New Writers

If any of you are like me, you just sat down one day and started writing. I remember having these grandiose ideas about writing a book in a few weeks and publishing it online and how it would make me lots of money …

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Needless to say, that never happened.

I was not only a novice to writing, but a complete ignoramous to every aspect of the process. For two years I worked hard on a science fiction novel that turned out to be very bad. To my brain, there was no sense in following others online, or reading up on the process because I didn’t want my “style” to be corrupted. To me, the only publication was novel publication. I have since learned how wrong I was.

Last year I attended my first writer’s conference. It was an amazing experience. I met lots of other writers and got a little more in-depth view into the publishing/writing world. I also attained my first short story publication in 2014. A piece called Boogie Bastard. The publication was exhilarating and opened my eyes to the excitement and profound accomplishment that any publication will give you–especially your first.

That’s when I decided that 2015 would be the year of the short story. It was my endeavor to write lots of shorts and submit them to online magazines. I’ll admit here that my goals were two-fold. Not only did I want the high and satisfaction of having my writing accepted, but I also wanted to get a few publication credits, so if the day should come when I actually finish a book and go agent-hunting, I’d have more than just my name and a weak bio to offer.

What I didn’t realize were how many opportunities there were. Thanks to Twitter, I have mounds of flash fiction sites at my fingertips. And thanks to all the “follows” I do, Twitter now prompts me with lots of flash fiction sites on its own. It’s amazing!

I’ve already posted before on the awesomeness of writing something quickly and letting it go. Read here. So now I’d like to offer up a few sites that have caught my attention.

First off, if you don’t have a lot of time, websites accepting paragraph submissions are a fun way to keep your mind active. There are two sites I’ve used, and they’re pretty cool: Paragraph Planet and 101 Words. They both offer daily publications.

There are also social sites which offer writing prompts, support, and pub opportunities. The two I use are Writer’s Carnival and Flash Dogs. Writer’s Carnival does require a fee to join, but it isn’t much, and I’ve found the feedback and pub opportunities well out-way the financial expense. Flash Dogs is a little more of a weekly gathering with prompts, but they also put out an anthology twice a year.

There are tons of websites accepting submissions, and a lot of sites hosting contests. The two sites I’ve cruised are Mash Stories and Writer Advice.

The fun thing to remember with flash fiction and other short stories is if it gets rejected somewhere, it’s really easy to submit somewhere else. Most of these sites have similar guidelines in what they accept (word count, I mean). I’ve also found that the rejection doesn’t hurt as much. Flash fiction isn’t something you pour your soul into for years. It’s meant to be written and done with. So it may help toughen your skin if all you’ve experienced is the bland agent form-letter telling you that your word baby isn’t right for them.

I hope you find the above sites helpful. Feel free to leave a comment if there are other sites you’ve enjoyed. I’m always on the hunt for great flash fiction outlets!


8 thoughts on “Publication Opportunities for New Writers

  1. Thanks for the websites! I have a short story coming out in an anthology next month, and it is an amazing feeling to get something published. I can only imagine how it’ll feel when it’s a whole book! =) Here’s to that feeling someday!

    1. congrats on your publication! that’s amazing! i’m with you on the book pub. it must feel wonderful to have an agent say, “hey, this is good.” maybe one day someone’ll say it to me. 😉

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