A Fortnight to Go

The end of my pregnancy is having a direct affect on my ability to think and do anything that doesn’t involve nesting. For this reason, I feel my blogging and writing will continue to take a backseat.

I’ve missed being on the computer daily. I’ve missed writing short stories and picking away at my various novels. I’ve missed interacting with all the social networks I’ve worked so hard to involve myself in, but I know these sacrifices will be worth it. 🙂

My goal for the next 4-6 months will be to continue submitting short paragraphs to websites accepting those sorts of entries. I’d also like to post at least 1 to 2 blog posts per month–just to make sure I don’t lose touch completely.

Now, on to fun baby stuff…

This week I checked off 38 weeks and am sprinting quickly towards the baby’s due date of June 21. Unlike my first baby, this time around my bags are packed and I’m praying Baby Boy actually comes early. I’ve experienced a number of physical ailments in the past 8 1/2 months: from back pain, to extreme exhaustion, to lower abdominal pain, and I can’t wait for it to be over.

Baby bump at 36 weeks--Memorial Day Weekend.
Baby bump at 36 weeks–Memorial Day Weekend.

The good news is that I think we’re ready. The nursery is together. I have all Baby Boy’s laundry washed and even finally hung some decor on the walls (thanks to Bass Pro). The theme is Woodlands. I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. may 2015 summer 010may 2015 summer 007 As you may not hear much from me for the next several months, I wish everyone good luck with their writing and other personal endeavors! I’ll try to post a few pics once Baby Boy arrives! We’re all very excited over here at Brown Central and can’t wait for the chaos to begin.


8 thoughts on “A Fortnight to Go

    1. thanks sara! how are you doing? we’re both going down the home stretch. 🙂 so here’s to a few more weeks! hope all is well–send me an email if you want to exchange pregnancy stories. 😉

      1. Email coming tomorrow. This has been a tough pregnancy for me as well! Here’s to a few more weeks for you and *hopefully* not too much after that for me! 🙂

  1. What a cute nursery, I love that deer head. Wishing you and baby boy nothing but health and happiness! Can’t wait to see pics once he gets here! (and you feel up to it, of course)

    1. thanks leandra! that deer head was actually the inspiration for the nursery, long before we ever knew i was pregnant. we just thought it was really cool/funny and decided if we ever had a boy that one would end up in his room. i’ll definitely post pics at some point! thanks again for the well wishes. 🙂

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