Our New Little Bundle

Hey there everyone! I’ve managed to find five minutes to get on the computer and I’d like to formally announce the arrival of my little beau, Aubrey. He’s an adorable little bundle that doesn’t cry too much and actually sleeps through the night (my daughter didn’t sleep for the first year, so I can’t express how happy this makes me.)!! {6962f611-b9a5-48d1-a38c-9e5b62c63b5e}_1I was induced on an early Tuesday morning and Aubrey made his entrance into the world 6 short hours later. My recovery has been much easier this time around and I’m pleased to realize that the addition of another kid isn’t quite the chaos I expected it to be. πŸ˜‰ That doesn’t mean it isn’t tough or overwhelming, I just remember the lost feeling of bringing home my daughter and how I wasn’t sure what to do or how to get such a little person to survive.

My daughter is completely smitten with Aubrey. She wants to help with everything–which is a double-edged sword–but I know her intentions are well meant, even if she does wake the baby over and over again throughout the day. june 2015 aubrey's born 036I can’t thank my family enough for all the support during these first two weeks. Balancing my daughter’s and new son’s needs has been difficult and without my family I’m sure my baby blues would have kicked into over drive at this point.

I look forward to seeing how little Aubrey grows. (Watching your kid’s personality develop is like watching a flower bloom.)



6 thoughts on “Our New Little Bundle

  1. Oh, such a little cutie! I’m glad to hear the transition is easier than expected. I was like that w/my son when we brought him home too (kinda panicky) so it’s good to hear that w/your second, you might be a little bit more seasoned. =)

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