The Process of Making #Art

jasmine oil pastel

I always find it interesting to see how others process and perfect their craft. Anything created in the mind and sculpted by the hands is art: painting, writing, sculpture, sewing, it all counts.

I’m watching a rerun of Live with Kelly and Michael and they are talking with Taylor Swift about her album 1989. It’s interesting to hear Taylor talk about her process, because it reminds me of my own–I’m not trying to put myself on her level, I just think the process of making art is a universal process that most people adhere to without trying.

Taylor said she sometimes dreams lyrics and that she carries around a notebook or her phone for writing down lyrics as they spring to mind. She even said how once she raced to the bathroom in an airport to write down inspiration on a paper towel. I think most of us have had similar experiences. I know that I’ve scrounged around for pieces of paper if I don’t have my notebook or phone on me. Or sometimes I’ll repeat something in my mind over and over in the hopes of imprinting a sentence on my brain for further reference. I’ve gotten up after going to bed to type something on the computer if I’m hit with inspiration during the night.

Creating art is a never-ending process. Once one project is complete, another springs up in its place. As you have more worldly experiences, your mind is triggered into new ways of thinking, or inspired to branch out into new genres of creativity.

The process of making art is both universal and individual. Everyone is different, but we’re all part of the same world, we all have crazy families, we all buy groceries, and we are all inspired by the things that happen to us in our daily life.

My process is inspired by nature, by visiting new places, and by writing next to big windows. I like to look out and see the world happening around me. It’s calming. It’s beautiful and yet generic enough for me to look through it while I’m thinking.

So tell me, what do you create, and what triggers your creativity?


2 thoughts on “The Process of Making #Art

  1. I seem to create fun, I am a natural storyteller and become very animated. Recently my best Piece of me… John, was told “your wife is lovely, very entertaining”
    I am not sure if it is strictly a good thing or not but if I make people smile; I’m happy.
    My passion is writing and I have such a huge thirst for it. My throat becomes dry and I tremble if I can’t do it. Like yourself, I will one day be published. If one person emotes over my story, novel,or rhyme, I will be happy.
    P.s. I know without doubt, evenvif it’s my obituary. .. I will be published. Thank you for sharing.

    1. i’m sure you won’t have to wait that long to get published. šŸ˜‰ i think it’s in the nature of the writer to be optimistic about the whole publishing thing.

      i too lose a bit of myself when i go long stints without writing–something i’m facing right now with the arrival of my son. i think i’ve written 500 words in the past month. šŸ˜¦

      thanks for stopping by! i miss the wc crowd! hope things are going well. šŸ™‚

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