My “Real-Everyday” Life

As I’ve been having trouble coming up with topics to post about, I decided to post something on the hectic nature of my family-life.

April 2016 (12)

As most of you know, I’ve got two kids, a girl and a boy. They are completely adorable, noisy, and into-everything. My son will eat anything that fits into his mouth. My daughter can (at the same time) be both the sweetest and winiest thing I’ve ever seen.

They attract illness like magnets. Here’s what the past month has been like: daughter: strep throat twice and a cold, son: strep throat once and a cold. I’ve been up to my elbows in snot everyday and the kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy.

I have to admit that my need for personal space has quadrupled, and so has my mom-guilt. It seems the only thing I have time for right now is buying tissues and putting my son down for a nap. The house looks like madness-incarnate, and my pets are constantly wondering where their dinner is.

Shoooo! I feel much better just talking about it. Now, instead of complaining anymore, I’ll try to add in some highlights from the past month.

My son turned 10 months old! He is finally starting to nap more than 30 minutes and he’s edging his way towards only one feeding per night. I’m very excited about the prospects of my future personal time. He’ll be walking any minute! I have to buy him special “wide” shoes to fit his little fat feet–no Walmart brand here.

April 2016 10 months aubrey

My daughter is playing soccer and attending Pre-K. She loves both, but could probably use a bit more focus during soccer. I’ve had to pull her away from playing in mud and building gravel castles on the track surrounding the field. She is clever and articulate and amazes me everyday–if she could only amaze me by her lack of jealousy over her brother, that would be something new. 😉

April 2016 soccer


The past 10+ months have been a jumbled blur of excitement, exhaustion, frustration, and joy. I recently told someone that having children will bring out both the best and worst sides of you–sometimes within minutes of each other.

In deciding to be a stay-at-home-mom, I never imagined that I’d be busier than at my job. I thought my life would be easy–my own rules, no quotas, no budgets, no customers, a piece of cherry pie. Now, looking back, I realize how mistaken I was. Now it’s, no breaks, impatient-unruly children, and eating on the run.

But, having spent a great deal of time in contemplation, I’ve decided that I am very grateful to be able to stay home with my kids. My parent’s are divorced, so my mother had to work and my sister and I went to daycare (before we were old enough to go to school). I had a good upbringing, no regrets in terms of what my mother could give and what my stepfather contributed, but I’m glad I’m able to give my kids a bit more personal attention. No stranger will ever watch your kids better than you will. No stranger will hover endlessly over your children as they experience new things. No stranger will put your kids down to nap with the same loving attention and ceaseless backbreaking effort that you will.

So, while I have cried many an exhausted tear over early hours and interrupted sleep, over toddler tantrums and teething, I think in the long run I will look back at these moments and be grateful. Not only grateful to have experienced them, but grateful that time will eventually wash away most of the emotional hardships, and leave behind warm memories for me to share. february 2016 (20)








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