Mid Year Update

Well, we’ve officially hit June! I can’t believe it!


This year is just flying by, and I have a feeling it won’t slow down. Between birthdays, vacations, and holidays, the second half of the year is just a blink.

While I’m not sure I actually posted any expectations for 2016, I was hoping to finish my novel, Soulless. I’m thinking now that won’t happen, but I’m not too bummed. I’ve got some good news on the home-front in terms of my writing:

  1. I submitted an excerpt from Soulless to The Elephant’s Bookshelf for their upcoming anthology. (Their cut off isn’t until July, so I haven’t heard back yet. Cross your fingers for me!)
  2. I’ve been submitting short stories to 101 Words all year and have had a few publications that I’m particularly proud of:
    1. The Breadbox
    2. Dissolve
    3. I was also included in their first anthology–which is a free gift when you sign up for their emails. (This anthology has some really beautiful writing, by the way. I am very honored to have had one of my stories selected.)
  3. I recently joined Channillo, a site for serial fiction. I haven’t done much yet, but Channillo accepted my pitch for a short story and now I’m writing it. I also get to design my first book cover (or hire someone–still looking into it), which I am very excited about. But I have a bit of an artistic flare, so I am eager to give it a go myself, first.
    1. After talking with some local writers from the James River Writer’s Association, I have been playing around with Canva–which is a free software that allows you to design your own book covers. It’s very cool.
    2. I’m also going to check out Deviant Art (at a friend’s suggestion).
      1. Is there any other website or design software you would recommend?

So, while I may not have finished my novel–and I don’t expect too because my short story for Channillo will take up my summertime focus, then we’ll have holidays and who knows what–I am very pleased with my writing endeavors this year. As many of you already know, I had a baby (June of 2015) so I’ve been a little preoccupied with my children. On the upside of that, my son is turning 1 in just a few weeks and he’s finally starting to nap longer and sleep heavier at night. I’m hoping this bodes well for my writing stamina in the future.


Have you guys submitted to any great magazines this year? Do you plan on participating in NANOWRIMO?




4 thoughts on “Mid Year Update

  1. I love Canva! It’s really easy to use, and I’ve used it for all kinds of stuff for my blog, messing around w/newsletter headers, and of course, book covers. Crossing my fingers that the better sleep routine sticks!

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