Cover Art Experience

I mentioned in my Mid Year Update that I was working on cover art for my fantasy series to be released on Channillo. After browsing a few websites, I’ve decided to stick with Canva. They have tons of options for layout and design.

But, having started my design project back in early June, I was beginning to think that I’d have to settle for a “less than amazing” cover. Not because of the options available, but because of my inexperience in design. How does one design one image to convey the themes, action, and characters of an entire book? The answer is: you don’t!

What pulled everything into focus for me was a recent post by Dan Alatorre entitled, Chuck’s Book Cover Dilemma. Specifically, it was this statement:

“…it was up to me to choose something iconic from my book that would attract attention and lend itself to good branding for the work.”

I realized that, much like writing a query letter, designing a cover had to be concise. Instead of eliminating extraneous words, I had to eliminate extraneous images and ideas. I already knew that picking just any old font wouldn’t work , but as my cover had yet to take any particular direction, I just couldn’t find one I liked.

Now, in one week, I’ve designed two covers that I think are good contenders. I’m not sure what anyone else thinks, I haven’t given out samples for feedback, but I’m looking forward to hearing what my beta readers and friends have to say.

Overall, this experience has been good. I may even design covers for all of my big work (whether or not I need them), because it forces me focus on the important themes within my story. Sort of like making up a background for a character, it’ll be a visual representation of what is important–keep me focused, that sort of thing. (And the good thing about Canva is that it’s a free software, and you only pay for what you actually plan to download and use. All my “rough” drafts were free to create.)

So, booya to breaking through another writing barrier!


Has anyone gone through a similar experience? What was your breakthrough moment?


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