Excerpt from Refining Sylver

In celebration of the release of my fantasy series on Channillo, Sept. 2, here’s an excerpt:

Having Dire in my home is less distracting than I expected. While he snores away on the couch, I slump over my tablet while sitting on the bed. My twitter inbox is full and it takes me a while to answer and delete. Managing social media properly really is a job.
               There’s a group of local werewolves that I’ve exchanged comments with in the past, and I take a moment to browse their personal pages. Most of them link back to the same bar on East Main; a little odd, but if that’s the hangout…I glance at the clock. It’s 10 pm; time to party. I slip into a pair of tight jeans and a slutty tank. My hair is already in a ponytail—why mess with a good thing.   
            “Dire.” I walk into the living room and shake his foot. “I’m going out.”
            “Where to?” He yawns, rubs his eyes.
            “A bar called Relics.”
            “I thought you lived on a budget.” He sits up.
            “This is business.” I open the front door and step onto the porch. He’s at my hip in a blink. “Are you…coming?” I lean around him to lock the door.
            “I don’t know why you bother locking up. That bolt won’t keep anyone out.” He lobs down the stairs, a shadow in the moonlight. Once again, he’s straddling his motorcycle.  
            “I was going to ride my bike.” I nod towards the yellow Schwinn chained to the fence.
            Dire actually laughs. The sudden eruption of mirth catches me off-guard.
            “They’ll never let you in if you ride up on a bicycle. They’ve got standards, and hipsters don’t cut it.”
            I grin, because there’s no way I’m a hipster…
Refining Sylver Official Cover


Sylver is a werewolf who’s more into tweeting than howling, but when she’s framed for her sister’s murder, she can no longer ignore her legendary heritage. Armed with social media, Sylver builds a new wolf-pack. But it’s hardly reliable. She struggles to keep her Anti-Wolves (werewolves, like Sylver, who prefer not to transform) inline.

When a chance encounter reveals another werewolf has been hunting Sylver’s family for years, killing first her father, and now her sister, Sylver takes action.  

At the next full moon, she attacks the rival pack. But there are more than just werewolves in the woods surrounding her home, and if Sylver isn’t careful, it may be her pelt that’s left out to dry. 

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