Free First Chapter

It’s only three days until the first segment of Refining Sylver goes live! And amazing news, it’s free to read! When you visit Channillo, you can read the first chapter of any series without purchasing a membership or subscribing.

Once my chapter goes live, I’ll post a link here for easy access.

I hope you’ll swing by Channillo and check out Refining Sylver, along with a lot of other great stories.

Refining Sylver Official Cover

Sylver is a werewolf who’s more into tweeting than howling, but when she’s framed for her sister’s murder, she can no longer ignore her legendary heritage. Armed with social media, Sylver builds a new wolf-pack. But it’s hardly reliable. She struggles to keep her Anti-Wolves (werewolves, like Sylver, who prefer not to transform) inline.

When a chance encounter reveals another werewolf has been hunting Sylver’s family for years, killing first her father, and now her sister, Sylver takes action.  

At the next full moon, she attacks the rival pack. But there are more than just werewolves in the woods surrounding her home, and if Sylver isn’t careful, it may be her pelt that’s left out to dry.


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