It’s Up! Chapter 1, Refining Sylver

Alright, everyone! The first chapter of Refining Syver is live and ready to be read. Turns out, the first chapter was too long and has been separated into three segments, but you should still be able to read the first two segments for free.

Please pop over to Channillo and check out the first installment of my werewolf series by clicking the link below! Once you’re on the series page, click the table of contents button at the top ofthe page and it’ll take you to a list of the chapters.

Thank you!

Refining Sylver

Refining Sylver Official Cover

Sylver is a werewolf who’s more into tweeting than howling, but when she’s framed for her sister’s murder, she can no longer ignore her legendary heritage. Armed with social media, Sylver builds a new wolf-pack. But it’s hardly reliable. She struggles to keep her Anti-Wolves (werewolves, like Sylver, who prefer not to transform) inline.

When a chance encounter reveals another werewolf has been hunting Sylver’s family for years, killing first her father, and now her sister, Sylver takes action.  

At the next full moon, she attacks the rival pack. But there are more than just werewolves in the woods surrounding her home, and if Sylver isn’t careful, it may be her pelt that’s left out to dry.


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7 thoughts on “It’s Up! Chapter 1, Refining Sylver

  1. I’m not much of a werewolf fan, at least not the current ones. My taste tends to run towards anything written 40 years ago or so.
    With that said, I decided to read your story because I too am a new author so I was drawn to your work which I felt was unique, fresh and it really made me want to read more. From what I read you allowed me to use my imagination rather than overwhelming me with blood and gore which is important to me when I read.
    I enjoyed what I read and wish you great success. Love your cat too by the way.

    1. Hi Deborah! I’ve never been a big werewolf fan either, but Sylver just kept coming back to me, so I thought I’d run with it. I too am weary of blood and guts. So while there is fighting in my book, there isn’t great detail as to what’s coming out of people. 😉

      Thanks for checking out my chapter! And I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I’m so flattered by your description. *gushes happily*

      My cat’s name is Butternut and she’s my silent writing companion. She’s always laying in the floor by my desk and sometimes offers a lighthearted distraction.

      Thanks again for commenting and I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats!! I read all the way up to what it would let me, and I really liked it! I’d totally take a steak w/garlic butter right now too. =) Loved the details you sprinkled in as well- the mom’s teeth getting longer, their grey hair. Good job!

    1. Thanks Leandra! I’m so psyched that you stopped by! I’m a little bummed that the whole chapter didn’t fit into one segment, and was separated, but I’m glad you got to read at least a portion of it.

      How’s your writing going? I think I saw on your blog you were taking a break to catch up on some things…

      1. I was taking a break, and then forgot that the anthology I’m being published in comes out at the end of the month so…no more blog break! =) Other than that, I’m eeking of a few hundred words here and there. How one does, some months. =)

  3. Hi, Valerie!
    Congrats! And nicely done. I am not a big werewolf/vampire fan in general but am intrigued by Sylver. I loved the names, the little details and definitely the action. Very on the mark with real canine behavior, I think.
    I hope the series does well!

    1. thanks sara! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m fairly comfortable with wolf/dog behavioral so i stuck with a more traditional wolf than a half human-wolf creature.

      I’m not generally a werewolf fan either, so i think that part if the motivation was writing something i’d enjoy. 🙂

      thanks for popping over and reading it!

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