A Fresh Take On An Old Theme


Let’s talk about empaths. If you enjoy the genres of fantasy and other areas falling under speculative fiction, then you’ve probably run across a good number of empathic characters.

For my part, I’ve never been intrigued by the empath. It could be because I’m not terribly emotional, and most empathic characters are. In fact, I can easily say that an empathic male MC is my least favorite kind of hero.

I like my men distant, moody, and strong. Having a man attuned to woman’s emotions by some special gift takes away the normal tension and comedy accompanying every relationship. Not to mention they’re normally pretty sappy, and that makes me gag.

But I’m getting off subject. What I wanted to talk about was a fresh take on the whole idea of being an empath.


I’m reading Amber Benson’s, The Witches of Echo Park, and I’ve finally found an empath that I like. She’s a side character named Daniela, and through touch, she can read your thoughts and feel your emotions. But the catch is, that this information overloads her brain and induces a seizure. Therefore, she must wear gloves at all times, and use her gifts only when necessary, because eventually, her gift will kill her.

What a great take on an old theme, right?

I was pleasantly surprised by Ms. Benson’s creativity and originality, and I recommend this book to anyone interested in witch-themed storylines, because there are other surprises throughout, and the writing is very good–especially in the first few chapters.

This book just sucked me in right from the start. Has anyone else read it?


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