Starting Pre-K


Tomorrow, my daughter starts her first day of pre-k. We’re all very excited about it. She’s going to a great school and already knows a few of the kids in her class from last year. The only real difference is that she’s old enough now for me to participate in carpool drop-off. I read a post on facebook about all the ways to be obnoxious in the drop-off line, and I hope I’m not that parent; you know, the one who fumbles with getting the kid out the seat in a reasonable amount of time, or doesn’t pull far enough up, or coddles the kid in the car too long before they get out…

And I’m such a wimp. The idea of messing up the drop-off line has given me anxiety all day.

I can’t wait to get this first experience under my belt so that the butterflies in my stomach settle and I can get back to worrying about important things, like chores, where I’m getting my next cup of coffee, why there’s an endless supply of laundry on my kitchen floor, and which movie I’ll watch next while I’m washing dishes…

Anyone have an great drop-off line stories or similar fears?


Please leave a comment. I’d love to chat.





One thought on “Starting Pre-K

  1. LOL! We have a drop off line at my son’s Montessori school and parents are always grinding each other’s nerves. There are the ones who actually park (in the parking spaces) and get annoyed when those using the pull around for drop off (or pick up) block them in, the ones who go in and chat forever and the ones who are always in a rush and get worked up when your kid forgot something and has to run back inside. 🙃 There are more, I’m sure, but those are the ones I encounter the most!

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