The Week’s Gone By Like–Whoa!! (A Recap)

Now that I’m back from vacation, it feels like time is flying by. My daughter started pre-k this week–and for those of you who are wondering, yes we survived the drop off/pick up lines without causing mass hysteria–I started my religious ed class, my daughter also started ballet and captured with particular ease, her fist illness of the school year.

And not to be forgotten, my one year old son is cutting four teeth at the same time! (I swear my two kids are competing to see who can wear me out the fastest.)


My kiddos on the beath last week.

I’ve done almost no writing this week and even forgot that today is Friday, my day for updating Refining Sylver on Channillo. Luckily, my kids left me alone for five minutes after breakfast so I was indeed able to update my series. (*sighs with relief)

Refining Sylver Official Cover

I’m also in the process of downloading all my files off of Carbonite for the forth time this year. (My kindly father-in-law gives me refurbished laptops, unfortunately, they don’t always work right and we have to make a switch.) The only downfall with this, besides the repetition of downloading and reinstalling all my programs over and over, is that I have 50 GB of photos to downoload off my Carbonite account. In case you’re wondering, this is a lot of photographs.

I was a photo major in college (yes, some people study it, though I don’t think it’s actually necessary), and therefore I am the family historian. I document, organize, print, and sometimes bind everything that will preserve our little family’s history for the next generation. There’s acutally not that much to it, except when I have to go through the process of retrieving these photos every couple of months. It makes me want to drink. Downloading shouldn’t be that hard, but for some reason it takes days to a week to complete–and I’m not a patient person.


On a positive note, I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, and it was delicious.

September pretty much kicks off fun-time for my family, as we have mulitiple birthdays intermixed with the holidays. And the State Fair is coming in two weeks! Bring on the deep fried oreos!

Shooo! I’m beat. Time to edit some stuff while my son naps and my sick daughter mouth-breathes on the couch while watching pointless Disney cartoons.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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7 thoughts on “The Week’s Gone By Like–Whoa!! (A Recap)

    1. I agree. There’s never a dull moment, but I will be glad when my son is just a smidgen older so that he can play a bit more independly. 🙂 but time is flying right now, and I’m eager to celebrate my daughter’s 4th birthday on Oct. 2! Gotta order her present so it has time to ship!

      1. I loved playing with my kids when they were that age, but it was pretty time intensive. (I still love playing with them now too, of course, but in a different way.) Anyway, I hope your daughter has a magical birthday in just over a week. 🙂

      2. you’re right! i love playing with the kiddos. it’s just that since i stay at home with them it can get a little overwhelming and i always have chores and other things that loom over my head. (sometimes i envy people who work away from home bc they’re not constantly reminded of what terrible housekeepers they are. 😉
        thanks! my daughter should have great bday, i hope!

        have a nice weekend! and thanks for the follow!

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