This Week’s Recap–always, always, plotting…

While life prevents a lot of sit-down-writing-time, it does not prevent the ‘ole brain from cranking along.

I’ve known since almost the beginning that there would be a sequel to Refining Sylver (my werewolf short story on Channillo). As a story that tops out right now around 21,000 words, it’s easy for me to see where the story and characters could go.

But, as I was standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes, I had an epiphany. A question wandered across my brain that immediately changed the fate of the herione of Refining Sylver. And the question was: What will make her life harder?

(I swear that being a writer makes me feel like an evil scientist; rubbing my palms together, hunched over a keyboard–or dishes–plotting the demise, or at least ruination, of my characters; cackling at my sheer genious, while simultaneously lamenting the alteration that will break my character’s heart.)


I will not go into specific detail as of now. As I said earlier, nothing has been written, but I will soon sit down and actually put the plot points into order so that I can start moving forward.

My other writing project: I’m starting on some fan fiction. I’ve found it rather enjoyable and relaxing to write something just for myself, with no pressure to make it outstanding (since you can’t profit financially from fan fiction). And also, since it’s fan fiction, most of the characters are already in place. I get to add in new ones, of course, but the foundation is already set for me, and I get to play around with the world in my own way. I never thought I’d enjoy something like fan fiction. In fact, I thought it was a waste of time. But I admit that I’ve been converted. I’m a believer! Fan fiction is so fun and freeing. It’s now my downtime hobby. When I’m not working on something for publication, I’m working on it. (If anyone’s really interested, I’ll post a link to my new blog and you can read some for yourself, but don’t get overly excited. I’m fairly certain that no one watched the show but me.)


In other news, the State Fair is opening this weekend, and we are going! Last year, I was prevented from attending do to a hurricane (they actually closed the fair a week early). This closing led to a new realization. That there are two kinds of people in this world: Carnies, and everyone else. If you are only lukewarm about the fair, you are not a Carnie. Non-Carnies tried to comfort me last year, by saying they went the first weekend and it wasn’t any different from usual, but this only dug the knife deeper into my heart.

I love the fact that the fair never changes. I depend upon it’s oddly fried foods and cheap souveniers (and expensive ones). I want to see the baby animals in McDonald’s Farm, and spend way too much money on games to win my kids cheaply constructed stuffed animals. I want homemade peach ice cream and to walk the candy isles inside the showroom. It’s one of the highlights of the Fall. And this year, I will not miss out.

Shoo! That’s it for this week. If I take any worth seeing, I’ll post a picture or two of us at the fair.

Everyone have a nice weekend!


Please leave a comment! I’d love to chat!




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