Tis the season…for witches

“A person should always choose a costume that is in direct contrast to her own personality.”

This time of year is really inspiring me, and I think for multiple reasons. Firstly, my kids are getting old enough to really enjoy Halloween (well, my daughter is). Secondly, this year we are taking over the family Halloween party. Thirdly, I’m dressing up, too–don’t let the title push you in the wrong direction. I won’t be a witch, but a pumpkin.

Anywho, the fourth reason is the one I really want to talk about. And that is, that I submitted an excerpt of my WIP, Soulless, to the Elephant’s Bookshelf for their upcoming anthology. The deadline was September, and I think I submitted about three months before that. Needless to say, I am eager to hear what the editors have to say about my work.

I have submitted to them in the past, but was rejected fairly early in the process. I am hoping that no rejection yet may lend itself to a “maybe”–but I’m trying to be realistic.

But what has truely inspired this post is the female lead of Soulless, who is a witch–not at first, mind you, that’s partially what the story is about. But as I wait impatiently to hear about my submission, I have decided to post some images of other people’s witches. So, if you’ll just scroll down, I think you’ll find some well known Halloween delights.


I’m sure I’ve missed some amazing witches! So if you have a favorite witch you’d like to include, just paste it in the comments section.


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