A Great Time AT #jrw16

This past weekend, I attended the James River Writer’s Conference in Richmond, VA, my hometown. This is the third time I’ve attended this conference, and it’s probably the best time I’ve had so far.

Right outside the convention center.

I think part of the enjoyment came from actually knowing what was going on. Having done this a few times, I feel I’m no longer green. But also, I knew some people at the conference, which makes the socializing aspects much easier.

My friend Sara, who some of you know as The Mom Who Runs, was one of the people in attendence. And it was awesome hanging out with her!october-2016-jrw2But as a member of the JRW group, I knew others too, and it was fun catching up with old friends.

Due to a scheduling mishap with my daughter’s birthday party, I was only able to attend the conference on Saturday. I sat in on 4 panel discussions, including: World Building, Voice Lessons, an interview with Robert Goolrick, and Editor-Author Relationships.

Post on these panels to come!


I always treat myself to a new book at the conference, and decided on Climbing The Stairs, by Padma Venkatraman, who was the speaker at the opening ceremonies.

All I have to say is Padma Venkatraman is an incredible public speaker. Her energy and expressions held my attention from the very beginning–a hard thing to do, in case you’re wondering. I suggest checking out the link to her website.

At the end of Saturday, I left with a heavy, yet motivated heart. I’m eager to begin work on a the sequel to Refining Sylver, and to begin edits on my other WIP, Soulless.

This conference was a great experience. I can’t wait till next year!


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