Here’s the first line of my new short story Every Other Thursday.

My boss uncoupled his cufflinks with the enthusiasm of a man unbuckling his seat belt, while I stood there, mostly naked, for his scrutiny.


Every Other Thursday is one of those storylines that interrupt your sleep and start your day at 5:45 am. At least, that’s how my Monday started. But on the upside, I wrote about 3,400 words in one day! That never happens!

Anyway, the story is still in rough form, but I love the direction this Sweet Romance is going.

So how’s your writing going? Anything recently interrupt a good night’s sleep?

Please leave a comment! I’d love to chat!


4 thoughts on “#FirstLineFriday

  1. Hiya! Intriguing start! Is #FirstLineFriday a regular event? Sounds fun!
    I had a crazy stressful dream wake me last week. I’ll have to get it on paper soon, before I lose it all. How’s this one going?

    1. Hey! It is a regular event, but I think you’re technically supposed to plug the first line of the book you’re reading. However, I have seen some writers plug their own writing.

      E.O.T. is all on paper now, it just needs some editing and a little beefing up through the middle. I’m hoping to find somewhere to submit it for pubbing in the next few months. Any suggestions since you write romance?

      What was your dream about?

      1. Interesting! I’ll have to check out #FLF.
        Good luck with EOT. If you need some beta reads, let me know! SA pub opportunities are a bit different from novels, but I’ll send what I know of. Are you on Grinder?
        Oh, the dream. Crazy stuff. A hotel on lockdown, guests being herded out and abducted en masse, getting separated from my kids…no good. Sci fi horror kind of stuff. 😬

      2. Yeah, that’s a pretty scary dream. No I’m not on Grinder. I haven’t heard of it before, but I’ll try to check it out. I’d love to have someone beta read EOT. I’ll let you know when I’m at that point! Good luck writing out your dream!

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