This Year We’re Using…Elf On A Shelf

The time has come. My daughter is 4, and someone gave us Elf On A Shelf back when she was born. I’ve had it tucked away with our Christmas stuff, just waiting. But, I think this is a good year to start it.


I’ve never done anything like this, and  I hope I don’t end up overwhelmed with trying to come up with clever ideas. My plan is to stalk pinterest and poach other people’s ingenuity, at least until I find my own style.

Has anybody else done this? Is it a total pain, or totally awesome? (I’ll be sure to post updates on my elf-endeavors as the season progresses!)


4 thoughts on “This Year We’re Using…Elf On A Shelf

    1. well, i’m not entirely sure yet. i haven’t opened the box and read the directions. but i know that every night you have to set the elf up somewhere and let the kid find him every morning. the kid’s not allowed to touch the elf, or he loses his magic. i think the overall point is that the elf is supposed to keep an eye on the kid and report back to santa for the naughty or nice list. it’s pretty popular with my facebook friends, but i think it’s a relatively new development.

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