Guys, I’m Taking A Break

This is not the post I expected to make today. I had expected to continue my Jane Austen Christmas series, but…life is catching up with me, and I think a break is in order.

As most young families out there, illness has been rampaging my home since school started back in September. I’ve had a cold for almost two months. My son has strep, again, accompanied with hives, and yesterday my daughter started running another fever.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I think my energy will be better spent keeping us as healthy as possible. My home is deplorable, and there’s shopping to be done…so I’m giving myself permission to take a break from writing. I know this is the right move for me, because as soon as I made this decision a weight lifted off my shoulders.

But I look forward to coming back in the new year, refreshed and full of new ideas!

So Merry Christmas guys and Happy New Year!




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