And Once Again…


So, I decided to revamp my urban fantasy novel, Soulless, this year–and hopefully finally finish it. But–and it’s a big but–I’ve known for a while that one of my main characters wasn’t quite right.

The character is one of my only female characters. She had an occupation that was sort of out there, and completely unrelated to the story. I’ve known that her occupation should be more relevant; that it should relate to what’s going on, or at least fit into the realm of possibility. Because as we all know, even fantasy stories have to sprout roots in reality.

This weekend, the epiphany happened! I finally know what my character is doing with her professional time, what her new passion is, and it fits perfectly into the plot. Whoop! Whoop!

I am simultaneously filled with joy and despair. Joy, because I have direction. Despair, because it seems like I’m never going to finish this project, because of all the rewriting.

But I’m trying to enjoy the satisfaction of getting one step closer to the end–fingers crossed!

So, how’s your writing coming? Any breakthroughs, or breakdowns?

Please leave a comment, or a word of encouragement! We’re all in this writing-thing together!


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