Using Facebook Settings to Increase Exposure to Your Writing, Part 2

Last week, I posted Part 1 of Using Facebook Settings to Increase Exposure to Your Writing. (Click the link to catch up!) If you haven’t checked out Sharvette Mitchell‘s website, click the link and check out her services on web design and social media coaching–be sure to come back here though!


So without further ado, here’s Part 2!

  • To start, one of the newest features of Facebook is Facebook Live. These are videos that you shoot live from your phone or computer. This feature is super hot right now, and a great way for your to connect with your audience.
    • First things first, don’t over think Facebook Live. These videos are supposed to be unfiltered, they’re supposed to be raw. That being said, there are some do’s and don’ts for maximizing your success.
      • Don’t: Shoot from your dining room, bedroom, etc. Pick a generic/plain background, like a wall, or go outside to shoot your video. (That way people don’t pick apart your housekeeping skills–if you’re anything like me.)
      • Do: Keep your video concise and simple. If you’re not too experienced with them yet, choose a topic, then pick 3 things you want to discuss. (ex: If you’re at a writing conference, pick 3 things you learned during the first day.)
      • Do: Answer back anyone who comments on your video–or, if they’re commenting while the video’s live, address their questions verbally while you’re shooting.
    • You can use Facebook Live to promote upcoming book signings, introduce your characters, share advice and tips, or to introduce yourself in a more familiar way than just a simple write-up on your blog.
    • The important thing is to engage your audience.
  • So what should you be posting on Facebook?
    • Pictures: book signings, cover art, snap shots from behind the scenes, pictures from speaking engagements
      • You’re still telling a story, here! The story of your endeavors, successes, failures. Keep it personal and authentic.
    • Excerpts from your book, advice and tips, interviews, reader reviews
  • Now for my favorite part–Launch Parties! So, you’ve done the writing, editing, re-writing, wringing of hands, betas, re-editing, and finally deleted all your favorite scenes, now you’re ready…whether your book is being released by a big publisher, or you’re self publishing, you’re going to want to increase awareness.
    • Build up expectation for launch day. Post and Tweet everywhere in the days leading up to launch day.
    • Prepare giveaways: find a product you like and contact the company. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind donating products for your launch day give-aways. This can be anything, coffee, tea, writing supplies. Or, and I thought this was a cool idea, think of something your MC loves, and use that to come up with cool give-aways. For example: If your character loves the color red, you could pick out a red notebook and pen, or a red bookmark, or red coffee mug.
    • On Launch Day:
      • Be prepared to go Live–many times.
      • You’re going to want to Post 1-5 times that day
      • Youre going to want to Tweet 3-10 times that day
        • If you’ve connected your Facebook and Twitter pages, this will maximize exposure. The point is to be consistently on the Net getting out the word about your book.
      • Engage your readers/viewers!
        • Play games, have give-aways


  • The vibe I got about Launch Day, is that your have to be engaged the whole day! Be prepared to submerse yourself in Social Media–or if you’re doing a live launch–be prepared to be out and about documenting and enjoying the occasion.
    • Launch Days are special. Relish it.

So, I think the overall message here is to Engage. Readers, viewers, friends, family. These people know you, like you (probably), and want to see you succeed. Put yourself out there. Be respectful. But be consistent. There will be no better advocate for your work thank yourself.

So what do you think? Any Launch Day tips? Any Facebook Live fopaux? Please leave a comment or a word of encouragement! We’re all in this writing-thing together!


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