So, I’ve been working on my fanasy novel, Soulless, for three years–off and on. After a hiatus of almost five months, I decided to have another go at it. The problem is, there are so many problems.

While I think my over all premise is good and I like my characters, it’s been difficult to really nail down plot holes, flesh out realistic character details, and wrap things up in a satisfying way.

But that aside, I’ve made great strides since the new year, and am trying to keep a postive attitude about the whole thing.

So, how about you? Any breakthroughs or breakdowns? Please leave a comment or word of encouragement! We’re all in this writing-thing together!


2 thoughts on “#WriterMemeMonday

  1. The editing may seem endless, but I like to fall back on that old (Confucian?) saying, “Perseverance furthers.” Maybe the ‘systematic way’ of tackling that rewrite that will work for you has not yet been found, but your efforts to dive again into the story will lead you closer to reaching your goal. I’ve used ‘scaffolding’ with some success — that’s simply reading one chapter and listing at the beginning of the chapter what’s missing. Then I spent some time drafting those missing scenes or filling the plot holes for the chapter — and the next day move on to the next! Or continue working with the new scenes until I’m satisfied. Each chapter ‘finished’ leads me to the next. May your own revisions/editing lead you to that finished book!

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