Self Editing and Formatting

As someone who doesn’t have the funds to hire a professional editor, when I saw this panel at the Agile Writer’s Conference, I was very excited. But, as I find content associated with editing to be a bit dull, I’ll be separating this material into 5 different posts, so as not to put anyone asleep–including myself.

calliope writing

This week’s post focuses on grammar mistakes.

  • To make your writing as clean as possible:
    • no run-on sentences (But good sentence structure varience. There should be long sentences, short ones, and everything in between.)
    • subject/verb agreement (he run vs. he runs)
    • clear pronouns: use character names as little as possible, but not so little as to be confusing
      • be clear on who is speaking and acting, especially when there’s a scene with 2 females or 2 males
    • use the correct words: there, they’re, their; know, no; affect, effect, etc
    • eliminate extraneous words: your writing should be detailed, but concise
    • know your genre, and its expectations for word count
    • avoid starting sentences with “it”
    • cut the word “that” as often as possible
    • spelling should be pristine
know your meme

So, tell me, what’s your grammar crutch? What slips into everything you write and has to be edited later? Please leave a comment or word of advice. We’re all in this writing thing together!

*And be sure to stop by next Friday for a delightful post on Punctuation!


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