Scene Checking

I’m finally back in the blogging saddle, so this week’s post on self editing focuses on scene checking. (These are my notes taken during the Agile Writer’s Conference back in January.)

  • Look at the big picture:
    • Is the scene necessary? Does it move the plot forward?
    • Does it flow?
      • Make sure things flow smoothly from scene to scene; don’t give readers whiplash.
  • Point of View:
    • Be consistent. Don’t change POV in the middle of a sentence/paragraph/chapter. POV changes should be separated by scene breaks or chapter breaks.
  • Whenever possible, don’t open with scenary. There is probably some other aspect of the story that is more individual to your MC that will not only entice readers, but make for a more original/organic opening.
  • Use prologues sparingly. Most of the time, prologue info can be dissiminated throughout the body of the text.

And that’s it folks! I have to say that scene checking is such a hard thing to do sometimes. To spend hours writing something that’s brilliant, only to realize later that it’s unnecessary, is so frustrating.

But alas, it’s part of the process. So what’s your biggest obstacle with scene checking? Please leave a comment or word of advice. We’re all in this writing thing together!


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