Writer Meme Monday


This is the kind of motivation I need right now. Life is so hectic! Between planning fun Easter activities, persuing my own baptism, and buying a new house, there isn’t really a lot of time for writing.

But I’m happy to say that in a week, hopefully all of these time-suckers will be wrapped up in nice little pastel-colored bows.

We submitted a contract on another house on Sunday, so hopefully the negotiations go well and we can move forward–and not have to drag my 2 little minions into other people’s homes, anymore.

Also, next Sunday is Easter! I get baptised on Saturday, and obviously we’re having all kinds of fun on Easter Sunday.

So, to wrap up, in 7 days, I hope to be a much freer woman!

Have a great week folks!


2 thoughts on “Writer Meme Monday

  1. Definitely lots of stuff going on! I’ve found that I just have to go w/the flow and not ruminate on the fact that my writing is being neglected. I know I always get back to it, sooner or later. Have a good Easter!

    1. Thanks leandra! You too! I know I’ll get back to it, but sometimes I feel guilty for sitting down and watching TV sometimes instead of using that spare 15 minutes to write. But you’re right! I’ll get back to it. Hopefully after Easter and everything slows down a bit. Take care!

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