Consistency In Your Writing

This week’s post on self editing and formatting focuses on consistency. When writing a story, certain aspects need to remain the same–or if they change, change due to choice, not negligence. So…

  • Keep notes on scenery, location, and physical appearance.
    • If your characters get a hair cut, make a note of it and remember to move forward with those changes.
    • If you’re writing scifi or fanasy, consistency in setting is invaluable. It pulls readers out of the story if they have to think too much on where the characters are.
  • Plot: have an over-arching rainbow, but be true and consistent with what’s happening. Be believeable–not forced.
    • Keep characters on their journey. Don’t get sidetracked with scenes that detract from the overall purpose.




Have a great weekend folks! Just keep writing. And don’t worry, tweaking consistency can come in the later stages of editing. If you need to bust out that initial draft in all it’s horrors, just do it!

Please leave a comment or word of advice. We’re all in this writing thing together!


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