Closing Date!


I’m so excited to announce that my hubby and I have finally found a great house for our family to move into! The exciting news, we close on Friday. I’ve waited such a long time to say anything because we’ve already been under contract twice, and had a contract outright rejected by a seller. We’ve gone through multiple home visits, inspections, and negotiations over the past four months. And let me tell you, dragging a 4 year old and a toddler into stranger’s houses is not only stressful, but insane. I especially hate all the staged homes with breakable knick-knacks sprinkled throughout just in reach of my 22 month olds sticky fingers.

The  house we finally selected was not staged, not even lived in presently. The hardwoods were beautifully polished and the kitchen had the prettiest granite–bits of blue and yellow and green; it looks almost like pressed yellow flowers are embedded into the rock. I can’t wait to make poptarts in there!

Even though we’re pretty much packed, we’ll be putting off our actual moving date until June. Though the house itself is in great shape, the walls are tired and in some places, covered in wallpaper. We’re going to hire a company to come in and paint everything fresh.

My daughter–the 4 year old–has already picked her bedroom and announced where she would like her bed placed. My hubby has already selected a location for his garden. I’ve got a spot for my desk (Let the writing commence!)!

I can’t wait to pick out floor rugs, an informal dining table, and all the little decor bits that go into getting a new place. We’re going to display some of our wedding memorabilia, and we’re going to put out the fancy china in a way that looks pretty and organized (instead of sloppy stacks, as before).

Oh, the fun of starting something new! I can’t wait for it all to begin!



5 thoughts on “Closing Date!

  1. This sounds so exciting!!! I am married and my ultimate dream is to own a beautiful house that I could share with my husband and (hopefully) kids! Best of luck with the moving:-)

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