As a writer, I’ve always been more of a sit down and write for an hour or more kind-of girl, but lately, life has just become too busy.

Between my kid’s educational needs, recreational needs, and nutritial needs, between buying a new house while also maintaing the old one, between taking my diabetic cat to the vet for ongoing analysis, and celebrating family birthdays, and end of the school year activities–there just aint no time to sit for a hour or more.

Heck, I’m not even sure I get to sit for an hour altogether in the course of a whole day! Maybe if you group together all my meals, bathroom visits, and the occassional instance where my legs happen to give out right next to a chair. 😉


I’m sure most of you parents out there feel my pain. Little ones during those first few years take up so much time and energy–don’t doubt m’ love for them, it’s unceasing–but it would be a welcome break to actually have me-time every day.

As a side-affect of this busy mom-lifestyle, I have suffered a great deal of angst over the past 6 months for not writing more. For not taking every opportunity, or staying up late, or waking up at dawn, to jot down a few paragraphs.

And to be honest, the break between each writing day has been so great, that by the time I can actually sit down for an hour, I have to spend 20 minutes rereading what was going on so that I could even get started.

So! Last week I was running around, doing chores, nagging the kids not to spill things, when it dawned on me to just take 20 minutes to write. My son was ready for his nap. My daughter could play her tablet–yay technology–and perhaps I could write a few words on my fantasy werewolf novel.


Day 1 was an instant success. I topped out around 300ish words for that 20 minutes! Day 2 was even better. I got up into the 400’s. And I’ve maintained the 400ish wordcount every day. But the thing is, even though I’m only writing for 20 minutes, I’m getting things done. My novel is moving forward–1 page at a time, literally. And not only is it moving forward, but I remember what I was doing the day before, so there’s not wasted time to get started. I just sit down for 20 minutes, turn blood into ink, then celebrate my success.

There has been a precipitous drop in my writing anxiety, and a happier outlook because I’m getting to do something for myself every day.

I’ve had such great success and enjoyment from this process, that I couldn’t wait to share it with my writing friends. So, I invite you to participate and write just 20 minutes a day! If you do, please comment on Twitter with your wordcount and the hashtag #write20minutes!

I look forward to sharing and celebrating our writing achievements! Please comment below if you’re a current subscriber to this process and be sure to share any tips you’ve picked up over the years! Remember, we’re all in this writing thing together!


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