Man-O-Man this past week has gone by in a blur! Last Sunday we moved into our new house and spent the last week unpacking like crazy so that we could host our son’s 2nd birthday here this Sunday. (My kids’ rooms below.)

Shoo! I’m so releaved that everything went well. My son got his bug themed party and we got to show off our new digs to all the family.

My son is really into bugs right now, so I added worms and butterflies to his cake.

It’s been weird not having my computer for 7 days. It’s been sitting in a bag beside the bed aching to be used. Feels good to get back into the saddle.

I’m hoping to even get some writing in this week. My poor WIP is weeping with neglect. But I guess it’s more important to have clothes to wear and food to eat and toys to distract my kids with than it is to indulge in the minutia of writing—at least temporarily. But now that we’re almost settled my hubby and I have to turn back to our old place of residence and prepare it for rental. Once again, we have 1 week to clean it up and get it ready.

Alrighty folks, whether or not you see me again this week just depends on the writing gods, Father Time, and my ability to stay awake!



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